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Preparing to send your child off to college is a challenging process. You want to make sure your college student has everything they need, but you also want to know they're safe during the trip to school and their return journey for the holidays. Picking out a vehicle that keeps them safe and suits their needs is one of the toughest decisions, at least when it comes to purchases.

INFINITI's standout line of vehicles appeals to students without being superfluous; they live up to the safety standards demanded by parents. Curious what's so great? Read this guide, and then come on down to your local INFINITI dealership in southern California. Teens are welcome!

High Safety Standards
Every parent needs to know their child is safe; INFINITI vehicles deliver on this promise. INFINITI vehicles have five-star safety ratings across the board, so you can feel confident that your child is safe wherever he or she goes.

Safety features range from parallel parking assistance to advanced collision detection and prevention technologies. Nearly all INFINITIs come with a maximum speed alert system to notify the driver when they're going too fast, so kids are reminded to drive safely and avoid tickets.

INFINITI's state-of-the-art sensor systems detect potential and incoming collisions. This feature is coupled with the automatic steering correction functions to minimize collision impacts and completely avoid them when possible.

For collision safety, numerous safety bags deploy from all directions. The car's structural integrity minimizes the impact during a collision and utilizes anti-whiplash features to protect the driver's and passenger's neck and head. Advanced traction control programs also do their part to minimize potential impacts and prevent secondary collisions after the first.

Technological Supremacy
INFINITI vehicles contain some of the highest-tech options available in the modern automotive industry. These cars have computers that seamlessly connect with smartphones for entertainment and navigational guidance, and most link with safety or rescue services, too.

Inside most of the 2017 line, you'll find numerous applications, remote assistance, and roadside assistance functions which serve as a fail-stop if your teens find themselves in difficult situations. Students can even sync to a calendar to automatically receive directions to their next destination-perfect for exploring new cities-and never get lost again.

It's not all about safety tech, of course; students love the INFINITI line's cushy interior. Luxurious surround-sound speakers entertain and delight friends anywhere they go. Mobile Wi-Fi internet options provide last-minute internet access for retrieving forgotten documents (like essays or reports) upon arrival at school.

Perhaps most importantly, INFINITI cars contain theft prevention measures, too. On a packed campus, that can mean the difference between a car being stolen and getting to class the next morning no problem. Functions like remotely locking and unlocking doors and programming alarm notifications and valet alert functions increase safety for everyone involved. Each vehicle also comes equipped with an ignition disabling device to prevent hijackers from stealing the car.

Which Model Is Best for Your Student?
Now that you know more about INFINITI cars, you may be wondering which model works for you and your college student.

If you're looking for an SUV-class vehicle, take a look at the 2017 QX80. It's available in two- and four-wheel-drive variants and has three rows of seating to carry all of their friends in one trip. The QX80 has three zones of AC control to suit everyone's preference. Its advanced hydraulic suspension system increases the overall performance by reducing road shocks and improving its turning capabilities. Its towing capacity of 8,500 pounds rivals that of many trucks if you choose to get the towing accessory package.

The QX50 is a high-end sedan for the more discreet personalities (and lower budgets, too). It comes in a hybrid model to save on gas for traveling near the campus and to reduce fuel costs on your college student's trip back home for the holidays. This one goes from zero to 60 in just four and a half seconds. That's not to suggest you want to encourage your student to speed, but, in rough weather, that extra power can prevent them from getting stuck or sliding out in mud and snow.

Whether you choose a sedan or an SUV class vehicle, know your child will be safe and having a great time in any INFINITI vehicle. INFINITI of Thousand Oaks in southern California has the QX50, QX80, and many other models in stock right now. Bring your teen down to the dealership and explore your options-financing available!



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