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Getting the best fuel efficiency from your vehicle may not seem like a pressing need, as gas prices have bottomed and the economy is good. Now is the best time to find ways to get the best mileage from your vehicle, whether it's a generic sedan or a  luxury INFINITI vehicle, as it will prepare you for when prices rebound and the economy sours.

When gas prices are high, they can take a major bite out of your disposable income, even if you're well-off. Self-employed businessmen and women who frequently travel can often end up getting pinched when fuel prices rise. To get into good fuel economy habits, consider the following tips:

• Drive smoothly - Avoid rapid acceleration and braking, as stopping and leaping to high speeds will burn up more fuel. Slowly and steadily accelerate to your desired speed, instead, and coast to red lights instead of coming to sudden stops.
• Make sure your tires are properly inflated - Underinflated tires reduce the fuel economy of your vehicle. When your tires are underinflated, your engine must work harder to propel your vehicle forward. By properly inflating your tires, you reduce the burden on your engine.
• Don't buy a higher octane fuel than necessary - Purchase the type of fuel specified by your owner's manual. Putting 93 octane fuel in an engine designed for 87 octane fuel will not improve your engine's performance and will only cost you more in fuel expense.
 Avoid unnecessary drag - Adding a rooftop cargo carrier or bike racks can increase aerodynamic drag on your vehicle and decrease fuel economy. When they aren't being used, remove these accessories from your vehicle.
• Drive at a reasonable speed - On the highway, try to keep your speed at around 55 mph when possible. On average, accelerating to 65 or 75 mph will reduce your fuel economy significantly. Traveling at 55 mph will save you money and won't greatly increase your time between destinations. Watching your speed will also save you money by reducing your risk of getting ticketed by traffic enforcement officers.
 Get rid of excess baggage - Every pound your vehicle carries adds to the work the engine must perform and the fuel it must burn. If you're carrying lots of heavy items in your trunk or in your back seat, these items can have an impact on fuel economy. Clean out your vehicle and put away any unnecessary items you may be carrying.
 Keep your vehicle maintained - Vehicles with mechanical problems typically have fuel economy problems as well. Follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle, changing the oil filter, spark plugs, and oil, and performing other necessary upkeep tasks as required. Also, don't put off needed repairs, as it may exacerbate the problem and make repair costs more expensive.

INFINITI of Thousand Oaks satisfies its customers by finding top-quality new and pre-owned INFINITI vehicles. INFINITI of Thousand Oaks has a highly trained staff who can answer all your questions concerning the INFINITI dealership's selection, including questions about fuel economy and best driving practices.



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