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Your commute to work may be when you're at the greatest risk of getting into an accident. Early in the morning, our brains are often groggy, and you may be too distracted, thinking about your tasks at work, to pay proper attention to the road. In the afternoon, more vehicles are on the road, increasing your chances of getting into an accident.

About 6.3 million motor vehicle crashes were reported to police in 2015, up about 3.8 percent from the previous year. More than 35,000 people were killed in those accidents.

INFINITI drivers can reduce their likelihood of being included in crash statistics by practicing safe driving habits recommended by experienced staff at INFINITI dealerships, including:

• Know the performance limits of your vehicle - Overestimating your vehicle's ability to accelerate or brake can cause you to misjudge your ability to safely pass another vehicle or come to a stop, putting you at greater risk of a crash.
• Avoid road rage - When you're angry and frustrated behind the wheel, it can cause you to drive more aggressively, putting yourself at greater risk of an accident. Venting your frustrations may also divert your focus from the road. Stay calm when driving and avoid letting your emotions get the better of you.
• Stay alert and keep scanning the road ahead - Just watching the car ahead of you isn't enough to keep you safe. You need to be aware of all the traffic ahead of you. Keeping a watch on the road ahead will allow you to see the movement of other vehicles and anticipate how their stops and starts will affect you.
• Carefully check your mirrors before changing lanes - Monitor your mirrors at regular intervals as you drive and be aware of your blind spot before attempting to change lanes. This will help you avoid colliding with another vehicle.
• Slow down - Speed is a factor in many automobile accidents. When you're driving too fast, it reduces your time to react to changing conditions, such as debris in the road, a driver changing lanes, or another driver slamming on brakes. Following posted speed limits will help you avoid getting into a crash.
• Stop following too closely - Many accidents result from one vehicle following another too closely. When you follow another vehicle too closely, you reduce your time to react should that vehicle slam on brakes. In general, it's a good rule to keep two or three seconds of difference between yourself and another vehicle.
• Keep your vehicle maintained - Good tires and brakes, along with a strong engine, can get you out of many situations that might otherwise end in a crash. A vehicle that's not in good shape can put you at greater risk of an accident. Follow your INFINITI owner's manual's recommended maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle in top condition.

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