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The holiday season is here once again and, as your INFINITI Dealership, we want to help make sure you have the tools needed to stay safe when driving. Increased holiday traffic, rushing from store to store, cars full of children, and the potential for bad weather can come together to create a perfect storm of variables that increase accident rates across the country.

Practicing defensive driving every time you get on the road significantly reduce these rates. To help you curb your risk of accidents, we've put together this fantastic list of festive suggestions.

Don't Drink or Take Drugs While Driving
This might seem like an obvious step, but, truthfully, thousands of Americans drink and drive every single year without giving a single thought to the danger they are creating.

We tend to think about drinking and driving in absolutes. We believe that it's always severe; that people who cause accidents drink so much that they run their vehicles off the road, causing dramatic accidents. In reality, even having just a single drink can be enough to dull your senses and reaction times, and that can lead to serious injuries and accidents, too.

Despite repeated campaigns from organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), drivers still often ask the question, "What's a safe limit for driving?" Although the law often specifies an answer to this question (via blood alcohol rate), the safest and most reliable answer will always be "none."

Speed Traps and Stop Checks
The festive season is both the perfect time for police to engage in speed traps or stop checks and the most likely time you will accidentally speed because you're in a rush. These two factors can come together to result in a very hefty ticket if not a trip to the hospital. Be extra-careful to keep your eyes on the road, drive the speed limit, and slow appropriately for speed traps and stop checks every single time.

If you encounter a full stop check, or if you are pulled over, slow down, roll down your window, and come to a full stop. Be courteous and respectful-it goes a long way!

Be Mindful of Traffic
You can be the most trustworthy driver in the United States, and it will be all for naught if a drunk driver hits you. You can't control what others do on the road, but you can be extra-mindful of the traffic around you. Keep your eyes on the road and, if you have passengers, have them help you monitor traffic where suitable.

Most drivers will find themselves stuck in at least one traffic jam during the holidays. Plan your route in advance, avoiding serious traffic pitfalls like major intersections or roundabouts when possible. For those times when you're stuck in spite of your efforts, keep bottled water, snacks, and charged mobile devices in the car. This will keep kids quiet and entertained (and parents sane, too).

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