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Do you want your car to look like the vehicles you see downtown that shine and look brand-new as they pass under every street light? All vehicles need a little pampering, now and then to look their best, and that includes your own vehicle, too. Here at your INFINITI of Thousand Oaks dealer in SoCal, we've compiled a few tips about how to wash a new car the right way and the best way.

Cleaning the Exterior

Many people believe dishwasher liquid will suffice for getting dirt and grime off your vehicle. They're not wrong, but it just might also take the finish off with the rest of the debris. Cleaning the outside of your car calls for special detergents that won't damage your vehicle's paint job or overcoating; use cleaning formula from any auto parts store instead. Alternating between clean water and specialized vehicle cleaners will get the muck off without damaging the finish.

Protecting the Finish

Cleansers and water only go so far to remove debris hitting your car on the highway; these particles won't wash away through traditional means. You'll need to take a few extra steps to ensure the safety and longevity of your car's finish.

Purchase a clay bar kit to get the deep-seated dirt off the paint. Tear the clay into four pieces to get the most mileage out of it. Rub each section back and forth along the car and keep folding the clay in on itself until it turns gray. Continue this process until your finish is shining like glass.

After you've used clay to strip off the remaining grime, it's time to polish and wax. Polishing is essential to keeping your vehicle looking fantastic after a deep clean, so don't skip out on this step!

Finally, apply wax to add a layer of protection for your finish and create a more reflective, glossy appearance. The wax can also hide small imperfections and scratches.

The Interior

It's now time to clean the interior of your vehicle. First, here's our best tip: Always work your way from top to bottom just as you do when working on a house. Otherwise, you'll just have to re-clean the mess you make as dust particles settle to the floor and seats.

Start by dusting and vacuuming the ceiling, dash, console, headliner, and door panels. Then, move on by cleaning the glass and detailing the nooks and crannies with a brush. Finally, slide the seats forward and clean out any additional junk or trash before you deep clean the carpet.

Remove Any Smoke Smells

Tobacco smoke, pet odors, and other everyday tools can really make your vehicle smell (and not like roses). You'll need to deodorize the interior to restore that traditional fresh new-car scent.

Purchase a can of aerosol smoke-remover spray if you smoke; it works better than scented products alone. Hold the can two feet away from the surfaces and apply a light coat. Note that you don't need to soak the interior with the spray-just a light dusting will do! Do this on a regular basis, though; allowing tobacco scents to build up in your car will make it that much harder to remove them later.

Maintain Your Leather Seats

Take an additional step to clean your leather seats (if you have them). Untreated leather will dry out and crack much faster than treated leather, making this a form of maintenance as well as a form of detailing. You can find leather cleaning kits in any auto parts store or down here at your local INFINITI dealership.

Giving your vehicle some tender loving care is the best way to make it stand out from the rest. Are you ready to own a new vehicle that will turn heads everywhere you go? Visit us at your INFINITI of Thousand Oaks dealership of Southern California to find the perfect luxury car for you.



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