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Driving at night poses hazards for even the best drivers, as low visibility affects depth perception, peripheral vision, and color recognition, and late hours may contribute to driver fatigue.

Although only about 25 percent of driving is done at night, about half of all fatal automobile accidents happen after dark. Drivers can reduce their chances of getting involved in a nighttime crash by observing a few rules for safe night driving:

• Drive slowly - The faster you're traveling, the less time you have to react to conditions on the road. Reducing your speed at night is a good way to compensate for reduced visibility and lower your chances of getting into a crash.
• Stop if you're tired - If you feel sleepy on the road, pull over and take a brief nap. Falling asleep on the road is dangerous for you and other drivers. Don't put yourself and others at risk. If you're feeling fatigued, take the time to rest.
• Clean your windshield - A dirty windshield will impair your ability to see the road in low light. Take the time to thoroughly and properly clean your windshield. Use appropriate cleaner to avoid streaks that can impair your vision at night.
• Clean your mirrors - Dirty rearview mirrors can impair your ability to see cars behind you. Inspect your automobile's mirrors from time to time to make sure they're properly aligned and that they're clean.
• Avoid looking into oncoming lights - When another automobile approaches you at night, avoid looking into its lights. They can diminish your ability to see. Keep the other vehicle in your view, but don't directly look into the automobile's lights.
• Get your eyes checked - Regular eye check-ups will ensure that you have the eyewear needed to drive at night. Glasses or contacts that are too weak can reduce your ability to see in dark conditions. Drivers under 40 should get check-ups every three years. Drivers 40-60 should get a check-up every two years. Drivers over the age of 60 should get a yearly exam.
• Get your headlights aligned - Over time, your automobile's headlights may become misaligned and point too low. This prevents you from getting the full benefit of their illumination. Have your mechanic check out your lights to make sure they're properly aligned.
• Avoid driving in foggy conditions - If the weather is foggy, avoid driving at night if possible. Fog can greatly reduce visibility in daylight, and it is even worse at night. If possible, reschedule your trip for daylight hours when the weather is foggy.

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