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Shopping for a new car at INFINITI dealerships can be a fun and exciting experience. Prior to heading out to your local dealer, you will want to brush up on your car buying tips because it can be easy to get caught up in the thrill of purchasing a brand new vehicle.

Car Buying Dos

• Know what type of vehicle you want to buy. There are several different vehicle choices and options to choose from these days. Think about how you will use the vehicle to help you determine what vehicles will best suit your needs.
• Calculate what car you can easily afford. You can find car payment and purchase estimate tools on our website to help you determine what car you can afford.
• Have an estimate of what your trade-in is worth. If you will be trading in a vehicle, there are resources online you can use to get a good idea of how much it is worth.
• Understand the difference between buying and leasing a vehicle. If you are on the fence as to whether to purchase or lease a new car, make sure you understand the differences.
• Call your insurance agent and get an estimate of coverage. It is important to know how much insurance is going to cost ahead of time to make sure insurance on the vehicle you are considering fits your budget.
• Test drive the vehicle before you buy it. Sometimes you might have your heart set on a particular model and, after test driving it, decide it is not for you.
• Take advantage of dealer special offers. You can gain benefits, like low interest rates, great prices, and more when you shop current promotions.

Car Buying Don'ts

• Never trade in a vehicle where you owe more than the dealer's trade-in allowance. The remaining balance owed on the current loan will be transferred to your new loan, often resulting in much higher car payments.
• Avoid basing the purchase price solely on the monthly payment amount. Instead, evaluate the total purchase price first and use this to determine the monthly payment.
• Never sign a sales agreement, purchase agreement, or financing application without reading it first. You need to understand the total costs of financing, the interest rate, and any other terms, conditions, fees, and so on.
• Never negotiate on the car price based on your trade-in. Rather, negotiate on the price first, and, once you are happy with it, then negotiate on the value of your trade.
• Avoid purchasing an extended warranty if it is not necessary. If you intend to pay the vehicle off within the manufacturer's provided warranty period, then you do not need one. On the other hand, if your repayment period is longer than the original warranty, you will want to add extended coverage for the remaining months left on the loan.

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