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The holiday season is upon us. While the winter months can bring plenty of festive moments and holiday cheer, it can also bring stressful situations, particularly if you are planning on traveling. At INFINITI of Thousand Oaks, we've put together some tips to make your holiday road trip a fond memory instead of a winter nightmare!

Plan your trip in advance

Even though nearly every smart phone has GPS and plenty of cars do as well, it's still a good idea to plan your route ahead of time. The week before you plan to start your road trip, spend some time with your favorite map app and plot your route. As a rule of thumb, give yourself an extra hour, just because accidents tend to happen more frequently around the holidays.

Upgrade your car

If your current vehicle has seen a number of holidays come and go, it might be time to upgrade your ride before you head out this year. At INFINITI of Thousand Oaks, you can shop for a wide variety of new and used INFINITI vehicles. Maybe you have new additions to the family and want some more room during your road trip, or maybe you want to treat yourself to a little holiday joy and experience what an INFINITI can offer. Whatever the reason, upgrading your vehicle before you head out on a holiday road trip can turn a monotonous drive into a pleasure.

Bring supplies

This tip is essential if you're traveling with little kids, but everyone enjoys snacks while driving. Bringing food and drink is a great idea, as it helps you avoid unnecessary stops on longer trips and keeps everyone in good spirits. If you're driving through a busy area, packing supplies is a good idea in case you get stuck in slow moving traffic. Also consider packing first aid and medical supplies in case of accidents. Finally, if anyone on your trip takes regular medication, make sure to bring extra just in case of unexpected delays or situations.

Look for entertainment along route

Sometimes the journey is just as fun as the destination. If you are planning a cross country trek or a long drive through California, give yourself some extra time and stop along the way. Breaking up a long road trip can help keep everyone in good spirits and make the entire experience more entertaining.


If you are interested in buying a new or certified pre-owned INFINITI before you start your holiday travels this year, our team at INFINITI of Thousand Oaks is ready to help you find the right vehicle for you. Contact us today or start browsing our options online at


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