INFINITI of Thousand Oaks

Award of Excellence recipient for the past 19 years


The INFINITI Award of Excellence is given to a dealership based on outstanding customer service. Each guest that purchases an INFINITI vehicle or has one serviced by an INFINITI service department receives a survey, only the INFINITI dealerships with the highest customer service index rating are awarded the Award of Excellence. INFINITI of Thousand has received this honor for the past 19 years.


The quality, productivity, and improved performance of all departments is considered, this includes Sales, Finance, Service, Parts, and Administrative departments. Retailers must also, among other aspects, maintain active involvement for Dealership Employee Certification in Sales / Finance / Service / Parts / Office, where applicable. To remain in compliance, 100% certification with INFINITI training is required, all employees must be up to date with all materials sent from INFINITI. To receive the Award of Excellence, a retailer must maintain an overall level of excellence, that is measured by the actual people who visit our dealerships.


We here at INFINITI of Thousand Oaks have received this honor for the past 19 years running since 2003. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work as well as the experience our guests receive, at INFINITI of Thousand Oaks it is our goal to make every visit as enjoyable as possible, our staff is always willing to help with your car buying or vehicle servicing needs, we have friendly, courteous, and professional staff who is always willing to assist you. We do our best to provide a professional environment for guests as well as employees, and you can tell our employees enjoy being part of the family as some have been here for all 19+ of those years that we have been presented this honor. From the management to the service porters to our guests, people really enjoy coming to INFINITI of Thousand Oaks, stop by to see why.

ELIGIBILITY All INFINITI retailers that are a Retailer of record throughout the program period, at time of award fulfillment and meet the criteria are eligible. CRITERIA Retailers will be measured against the following key criteria:
1. Client Satisfaction: a. Retailer must meet or exceed the National average ISSI (sales satisfaction) and ICSI (service satisfaction) scores for the program year. In the event of a survey change and new sales and service indices being created, the retailer will have to meet or exceed the average score for both the old and new indices during their respective time periods. b. First input email capture at 80% for sales and service for first input (without editing). *Please see the Prepaid Maintenance (PPM) “Wildcard” Feature for further information on the Client Satisfaction objective.
2. Sales Growth: Retailer must exceed National INFINITI year-over-year growth in total new vehicle sales on a percentage basis. For Award of Excellence purposes, new vehicles include retail sales and ICV vehicles.
3. Sales Penetration: Retailer must meet or exceed Area Sales Effectiveness (ASE) 12 month rolling segment adjusted average for “competitive segments” sales penetration as of February 29, 2020. Program results will be tracked and reported April 1, 2019 through February 29, 2020.
4. Pre-Owned: Retailer must be continuously eligible for and achieve earnings under the INFINITI Standards of Excellence (ISE) in Certified Pre-Owned sales objectives as detailed per the INFINITI Standards of Excellence program announcement.
5. Service Retention: Retailer must meet or exceed the ‘National Average’ for Year 1 -10 year Service Retention. *Please see the Prepaid Maintenance (PPM) “Wildcard” Feature for further information on the Service Retention objective.
6. Certification: Retailer must maintain active involvement for Dealership employee certification in Sales/Finance/Service/Parts/Office, where applicable. Must be 100% certified in compliance with INFINITI training requirements.
7. Profitability: Retailer must have a positive net profit (B.B.T. - Before Bonuses and Tax) value for the calendar year ending with the December 31, 2019 Financial Statement.
8. Retailer of Record: Must be Retailer of record throughout program period and at time of award determination: • Retailer Buy/ Sells and New Appointments: Retailer must be operational for the full program period, April 2019 – March 2020.
9. Advertising Program (IRAP): Retailer must be IRAP compliant and continuously eligible for the advertising reimbursement program. Please review the IRAP rules and guidelines for additional information.
10.IREDI: Retailer must meet the published Facility Guidelines and Standards, operate from an exclusive, standalone INFINITI facility. Retailers that are dualed but have exclusive customer touch points are eligible. Retailer must have commenced construction of an IREDI facility no later than March 31, 2020.
11.Maintain Positive Factory Relations: Defined as building the Brand and maintaining a relationship of mutual understanding and cooperation with INFINITI and being in full compliance with Sales & Service Agreement obligations, including INFINITI’s policies, standards and business practices, and not engaging in conduct or activities which might be detrimental to or reflect adversely upon INFINITI, its products or brand. Retailers who maintain positive factory relations are advocates for the INFINITI brand, INFINITI Americas and its personnel and practices. For example: Retailers who do not maintain positive factory relations are those who are in substantial default of the agreement or subject to a Notice of Default or Notice of Termination.
11. Maintain Positive Factory Relations (continued): Retailers challenging INFINITI actions can still maintain positive factory relations if they limit their disputes to courtroom activities and do not publicize the dispute or attack INFINITI personnel. Retailers who maintain positive factory relations also engage in positive public relations, (e.g. Retailers who promote the INFINITI brand and engage in activities that reflect favorably on the INFINITI brand, and do not make adverse statements or cause adverse publicity that affects INFINITI.)

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