Available positions:

Product Specialist

This position is for someone who enjoys knowing the specifications of high performance luxury vehicles. Being able to talk to customers and inform them on the features and benefits of the entire product line is a major plus. Applicants should be able to know the INFINITI lineup well enough and all of their features, and know how to explain these features to customers and consultants.


Aids clients in their car buying process as best they can, with product demonstration as well as product information and insight into competitors. Able to go from meet and greet to delivery.

Floor Manager

Manages salespeople on the sales floor. Assists in tasks such as negotiation, and preparing paperwork.

Finance Manager

Goes over all paperwork and gets signatures for a vehicle purchase/lease. Also, presents all products that are available for customers. Making sure contracts are funded.

Used Car Manager

Responsible for buying and selling pre-owned vehicles, and all that entitles.

Sales Manager

Manages the sales floor, is in charge of deal structure, as well as being familiar with product, and current inventory including pre-owned.

Internet Assistant

Aid to the Internet Sales department, follow up, appointment setting, office work.

Internet Specialist

Aid to the Internet Manager, assists customers in their car buying experience

Internet Manager

Fleet and Internet Managers are in charge of


Perform reconnects. Answer customer’s questions on their vehicles. Make sure Infiniti Connection is working on all applicable vehicles. Describe the importance of Infiniti Connection and IPA. Report to management when if a salesman has done a poor delivery. If, a poor delivery was done, train the salesman on what they missed. After delivery, make sure to reiterate that the delivery has been done and the survey should reflect this.

Delivery Specialist

Help in the delivery of sold vehicles to increase customer satisfaction.

Inventory Control

Inventory Manager: Walk the inventory and make sure every car is accounted for. Put together an inventory list for the sales managers at least once a week. Make sure the lot, roof, and offsite lot are organized.

Owner’s Manual Closet Guardian

Make sure the owner’s manual closet is current and in order. Stock numbers are on the right manuals for the right vehicles.

Keeper of the Keys

Make sure new car keys are logged in and put into the key machine. Check key packets for missing or sold vehicles.

Customer Service Representative

Dealer Trade Driver

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