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Most of us have been victim to road rage or aggressive driving at some point in our driving careers. These situations can be incredibly dangerous and frightening. Knowing how to deal with traffic without losing your temper-and avoiding those who do-is an invaluable skill, especially on the streets and highways of LA. Learn how to be a safe driver with these tips from our experienced professionals at the INFINITI of Thousand Oaks .

Be Alert

Surprisingly, many drivers drive in situations when they aren't at full capacity. Drinking and driving is an obvious no-go, but driving while tired is just as dangerous. How many times have you worked a long day and wished you could take a nap before that commute home? Perhaps you should do just that instead of biting the bullet and driving.

One study from 2010 showed one out of six fatal collisions involved a sleepy driver. The amount of accidents has only increased since then. Ensure you're well-rested and alert before you get behind the wheel.

Stay Focused on the Road

Cell phones are highly effective at distracting us in nearly any scenario; that distraction just happens to be more dangerous when driving. Send a text or pull up your playlist while you're still parked in the driveway and never risk it on the road. It's better to answer that call or text late than to risk getting into an accident on the I-5.

Know Where You're Going

Similar to avoiding distractions from your cell phone, not knowing where to go can also be a driving hazard. Focusing on finding the correct street to turn on means you're less aware of the car zipping in front of you. In a worst-case scenario, you might panic at the thought of missing your turn, resulting in a collision.

Using your GPS to guide you is an excellent way to avoid getting lost, but they aren't a failsafe solution. Used without discretion, they can cause more accidents than they prevent. One recommended tip at INFINITI of Thousand Oaks is to pull up a map and study the area you're driving through before you leave-just in case your GPS device gets confused along the way.

Keep Your Hands on the Wheel

Knowing how to handle your steering wheel properly is a simple way to become a safer driver. Some drivers keep their hands close together at the top of the wheel. This positioning is not only uncomfortable for long periods of time but also gives you less control of the car. Many driver instructors recommend keeping your hands lower on the wheel around the eight and four o'clock positions.

Attend a Defensive Driving Course

It may sound elementary, but taking defensive driving courses can be a great way to change your driving behaviors. These affordable courses are full of useful information help you drive better. Defensive driving teaches you to remember the little things-like how to know when to adjust your speed to match other drivers and how to use turn signals properly. Attending these courses also knock points off your license and may save you money on your car insurance.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to driving, so ensure you're practicing the correct methods from the get-go. Ready to try your hand at driving a new luxury vehicle? Set up a test drive session at your local INFINITI of Thousand Oaks.



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