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No matter what holiday practices your family takes part in over the winter seasons, there's one tradition that always stands out: getting together with family to enjoy each other's company. Opening presents, sitting by the fireplace, lighting candles, and touring neighborhoods for the breathtaking Christmas lights are all staples as well. Why not get into the driver's seat of a brand-new INFINITI while you do it? As your INFINITI dealership of Southern California, we know first-hand how beneficial the holidays can be for buying new cars.

The Best Time to Shop

The holiday season is in full-swing. You're finishing up your shopping and, if you're like many, you've spent months hunting down the best exceptional offers, almost feeling as if you've won a race every time you've lucked out! We get this feeling all the time when we give drivers exceptional offers on the year's hottest INFINITIS!

Right now is the best time to find exceptional offers on the products you've been waiting to purchase all year-especially new cars. It's when most dealerships start selling off inventory to make room for new products, and that's why we have some of the best offers around right now. Whether you're looking for a midsize sedan or a high-end SUV, we can help you get into the driver's seat.

This is also the time of year when new year models start creeping their way onto our show floor. If you're seeking something new, shiny, luxurious and fun, you can be the first to buy it if you head out now. You can show it off while everyone's around for a visit. We know they'll love it just as much as you do. What better way to score our best-in-its-class luxury vehicle than with our exceptional offers?

Dress to Impress

You know what looks amazing under the tree? A brand-new INFINITI from the 2018 line.

(Okay-maybe under the tree is a stretch unless it's an outdoor tree-but you get our drift.)

We'd like to recommend you wrap up a brand-new INFINITI to impress someone, rather than the same old tired-out gifts. This year's coming line is packed with luxury gear, so these cars aren't for just anyone-only the most discerning drivers will do. We think of them a bit like the Rolex of vehicles: well-made, reliable, and beautiful to look at, too.

Even if you don't buy from the 2018 line, you can still impress with new or used vehicles. A new INFINITI makes a fantastic gift for just about anyone: beloved spouse, parent, or even a teen who just started driving. When you give the gift of INFINITI, you're gifting a reliable vehicle that you can trust to carry your favorite people around safely at all times.

Now Is the Time to Act

Need one last fantastic reason to go out and grab a brand-new INFINITI? Waiting until tax refund season could very well mean you lose out on exceptional offers. Tax refund season is one of the worst times of year to buy a new vehicle because prices go up and new inventory comes in. It's the time of year when prices are the highest, so now makes much more sense. It's all about scoring the best holiday exceptional offers without spending more than you have to!

INFINITI, as a brand, stands for the utmost in luxury and refined beauty. That's what makes it such a special line to experience and give-whether you're giving one to yourself or someone else. If we still haven't convinced you, we'd like to take the time to invite you down to your local So Cal INFINITI of Thousand Oaks dealership to see one in person for yourself. You won't regret setting aside a little family time to make a purchase that everyone will enjoy for years to come!



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