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Figuring out the right time to purchase a new car takes a little research and planning. Some vehicles are more in demand at certain times of the year, and this could lead to substantial increases in the final price tag. Specific seasons (such as Christmas) are notoriously known as being among the least cost-effective times to buy a car.

Finding the best solution without sacrificing your must-have features in the vehicle can feel difficult if you don't have the right guidance. Fortunately, INFINITI of Thousand Oaks has compiled five guidelines to help you get the best rate on the brand-new car you want.

Before You Need a New Car

Planning for the future is how you stay ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to buying a brand-new vehicle. If you need a new car now, then now is the best time to buy it. Your vehicle may be starting to struggle with taking you from point A to point B, or maybe your trade-in value could be about to drop dramatically in the near future.

By waiting too long for car prices to drop, you could find yourself in a situation where you're without a vehicle temporarily-and that can really cripple your freedom and ability to get to work.

You may not benefit from seasonal rates if you buy in higher-priced seasons, but that doesn't mean you can't find great prices at all. If all else fails and you just aren't finding much, ask your dealership outright what they can do for you in terms of sales-you just might be surprised how far they're willing to go to keep your business.


Wake up early and begin your shopping at the start of the week. You can find great rates by car shopping on the weekend, but the numbers show Monday is the best time of the week to find the best rate.

On a Monday, each party has more time to negotiate, so there's less pressure to feel like you need to purchase as soon as possible. You'll make fewer mistakes and rash decisions when time is on your side.


Many believe that spring is the worst time of the year to buy any car, let alone a new one. This is partially true, but it often depends on the type of car you're looking for. You're much more likely to find great promotions on a mid-size or full-size luxury SUV during springtime, when the roads have cleared up, rather than in the middle of a snowy, icy winter.

May through June also happens to be the most common time for families to purchase a new car. Families use this time to prepare for the summer, which includes preparation for vacations, road trips, camping, and more. Memorial Day often gives dealerships the perfect reason to offer great rates, as well, so take advantage of them!


If there's one thing the month of November is known for, it's Black Friday. Auto dealers typically avoid Black Friday, but that's a trend that's slowly shifting. Exactly what you'll find on the lot depends on the dealership, but it's far more common to see lower prices on sedans and luxury sports cars during the November rush. In contrast, SUVs and crossovers may be priced higher to accommodate an increase in demand for rough winter months.

When New Models Hit the Floor

The next best time to buy (especially if you're after last year's models) is in Q1 right after New Year's Day. Dealerships need to clear space for the new line of cars and will often attempt to move out as much old stock as possible to make room for updated versions. Just don't wait too late into the year, or you'll risk missing out on promotions that may have been available just a few weeks prior.

Ultimately, determining when to buy a vehicle will depend on which brand, class, and model you're aiming for, but certain times of the year are undoubtedly better than others. Are you looking to buy a new luxury car this year? Visit your INFINITI dealership of SoCal and find your dream car before summer arrives.



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